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Baby and Family Photography in Victoria Park East London


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My third shoot with this delightful family might well have been our best one yet, a fabulous family photography session in Victoria Park in East London with a baby, a toddler, and so much laughter.

It’s a joy for me to go back to families year on year and get to watch the family grow and record the fun they have in pictures to cherish, beautiful family photographs taken in timeless black and white.

An early start to win the day

As always with my family photo shoots, I like to start early as little ones are up with the larks and at their best and brightest first thing. Our shoot also coincided with the September heatwave and so an early start meant it wasn’t too hot. It feels a world away writing about it now that autumn has arrived with a frosty nip in the air.

I like to start my sessions, where possible, with a few shots of the kids together and a family photo. It’s nice to get something in the bag in case of mayhem and first thing the little ones will usually stay still for a fraction of a second which is, as we know, all it takes. I love to think that sometimes, by the end of the photo shoot, if we added up all the time the shutter was open for my selected photos, it might be less than a second. Isn’t photography wonderful!

Play, play, and play some more!

Once we had those few essentials ticked off the list we settled into a relaxed day of play and that’s where the joy of the photo shoot happens. I love to see what the children choose to do when left to their own devices and how the games and activities evolve out.

From stick fencing to being thrown in the air, scooter riding, and ball rolling. We had a brilliant time.

Milestones for little ones

I love photographing babies on the cusp of standing up. Crawling can bring so much fun and so many lovely pictures and then the expression on little ones faces as their parent hold their hands and help them to stand or walk is just priceless. Delight, achievement, excitement at the possibilities, you just can’t beat it for a guaranteed smile.

Playground, ice cream and watering the garden

When it came to nap time for the little one, we decided that a plan of divide and conquer was the way to go with the advance party heading home for a nap while the rest of us went home via the playground and, excitingly, the ice cream shop for a truly delicious Hackney Gelato cone.

When there are children with quite different schedules then utilising the little one’s naptime for some additional pictures of their older siblings works well.

When we got home so we watered the garden and had a play indoors making the most of the time for some beautiful pictures of all the everyday activities which make the days with children such fun

Time with the baby

When the little one woke up we continued our games downstairs for a while before moving on to some pictures of the baby on his own when his older sister had her lunch.

This schedule works so well with young ones – everyone together first thing, then the older one while the little one sleeps, a bit more time with everyone when they wake up and then some concentrated baby time when their older sibling has lunch and quiet time. This way everyone gets plenty of attention and normal routine is kept to as much as possible.

The results speak for themselves, and I’m thrilled with our pictures from our family photo shoot with a baby and toddler in Victoria Park in East London

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this sneak preview from such a joyful day.

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