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Baby and Family Photography in Balham and Wandsworth SW12


This was my second family photography session with Vicki at their beautiful Balham home and out and about on Wandsworth common and we had a fantastic time. I always really appreciate how quickly spring seems to arrive – these slightly wintery pictures seem so long ago now it has warmed up outside.

I first met Vicki back in 2012 when TC was five months old and so I was really looking forward to seeing the family again. Time flies by so quickly when the children are little and regular photo shoots are a fantastic way to make sure you have a record of all the fun you have while the children are small. We started our session indoors as it was raining outside and the boys were so pleased to have a chance to roll around on their parent’s beds. TC was keen to keep hold of his muslin and I love the shot of him hiding behind it, it really makes me giggle.

As regular readers will know it’s real moments that tend to be my favourites and the shot of baby Fred looking up at his dad is just the kind of picture I love, a great expression and a real feeling for the interaction. The boys were such fun.

Heading out and about onto Wandsworth Common for some more family shots worked really well. The weather began to dry up and the children were thrilled that we were the only people in the playground, a real bonus of a damp start. Armed with towels for drying off the swings we had a brilliant time, playgrounds really are and fantastic, so much fun in such a small place.

To add variety to our images we then moved on into a different area of the park, exploring the walkways by the duck ponds and feeding the ducks, which is always an entertaining activity. TC was pleased to have a chance to show off his scooting skills even if this did involve dragging his scooter through the mud for much of the time.

Then it was back through Balham for a few more family portraits and photographs at home. Baby Fred really came into his element laughing at the camera for the final pictures. It was a great day and I’m so pleased with the pictures. I do hope you like them and if you are interested in booking your own session in Balham or elsewhere in London then do get in touch; I would love to hear from you.

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