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Baby and family photography in Fulham and Parsons Green, SW London


I love my regular trips to Parsons Green in South West London to see Carlos, Jennifer and their beautiful children Stella and Thomas. I visited just before Christmas for Thomas’ newborn photography shoot and I was thrilled to visit again when Thomas was four months old and already such a delightful, smiley little chap.

It was a very wet day for our photo shoot so we decided to stay indoors this time and that worked so well, as I was able to capture all the little things that make up this time in the family’s life – the games (when I arrived, Stella’s tea party was already set out on the kitchen floor), the snuggles and cuddles in the playroom, and the beautiful family room so full of things to look at – a particular favourite of Stella’s being the albums from our previous shoots. It is such a pleasure for me as a children’s photographer to see the pictures being looked and and enjoyed by my little subjects, and Stella clearly loves her albums and all the pictures within.

I’m always fascinated by the games children play and the world of make-believe that can keep them entertained for hours. Stella and her woollen fox had a wonderful time stashing her wooden cakes in her pockets (the pockets didn’t fit the plates, but not through lack of trying you can be sure) and ‘sleeping’ in the corner, the fox snuggled on Stella’s back. It’s lovely to photograph these little things – unplanned and unprompted – that really show a child’s personality and what they enjoy doing when left to their own devices. I know that Stella will really enjoy looking back on these pictures when she is older, probably with a certain amount of amused bemusement – I know I often feel like that when looking at pictures from my childhood and thinking ‘what on earth made me think to do that, but boy oh boy, it looks like a good game!’

We also captured some family pictures upstairs on the bed, which works very well as a spot for baby photography as it gives the little ones a nice safe area to roll around and play without risking a bump on a hard floor. Thomas was so happy to be playing with his big sister and to be cuddled by his mum and dad, and even to pose for individual portraits – laughing and smiling and then, my absolute favourite, the quizzical look to the camera lens that just melts my heart. He’s such a beautiful little boy.

As always, I’m so pleased with these pictures from our baby, children and family photo shoot in Parsons Green in South West London. As a photographer, I work so hard each day to capture something new – something special for each and every client, something that really captures each family in their own unforgettable way. I do hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

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