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Baby and Family Photography at Waterlow Park in Highgate


I spent a wonderful morning photographing Caroline and her family in Highgate in North London recently. It’s always interesting to hear from clients what the catalyst is for booking a photo shoot – is it an annual thing or a one off to mark an event or to celebrate a big birthday? Once we have done one photo shoot the majority of my clients return to update their pictures as the children grow but there’s always a catalyst, always something that makes people think ‘I need to book this today’ whether that is a reminder in the diary for an annual session or the occasion that marks their first foray into family photography.

For Caroline she wanted to arrange a photo shoot before she returned to work after the birth of her second child. It was a lovely idea to have a photo shoot to remind the family of this wonderful time she has had at home with her children, during Edward’s first year. To ensure pictures that were full of memories we decided to do a combination of pictures indoors and also out at Waterlow Park in Highgate which is one of the children’s favourite places to go. I only discovered Waterlow Park last year and it’s already a firm favourite of mine for family portrait photographs, there is so much variety which makes for brilliant pictures.

We started off indoors, making sure we had a few family photographs before heading out to the park – Caroline was keen for a picture on the family sofa and I love this shot which even manages to include the cat (trying to escape before he is attacked by the children, you can just see the look of glee on Edward’s face when he realises the cat is close by for a cuddle, and the look on the cats face when he realises the same thing!).

Then we headed to the park as children were really keen to get outside and have a run around, particularly Emma who clearly loves the park, throwing leaves in the air, looking at the ducks and generally running around and having fun.

Baby Edward had a brilliant time too and loved being thrown in the air by his daddy, the look of happiness is priceless. I love watching the little ones get involved with games with their older siblings and how games like hide and seek are such a brilliant way for everyone to play together.

At the end of our session we headed home for a couple of last shots, Caroline was keen to get some pictures of Emma in her ballet outfit and I was very happy to oblige. It’s lovely to have a record of these things, favourite activities, favourite books, favourite toys – these are all the sorts of things that the children will remember when they grow up and so these are the things it’s lovely to photograph.

I hope you enjoy this selection of pictures from Caroline and her family’s photo shoot in Highgate and Waterlow Park in North London. If you would like to read more about the sessions then do take a look at the children’s section of the main website or drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

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