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Family portrait photography in Bath


I first met Kim and Cate years and years ago, before I became a professional children’s portrait photographer. I cut my teeth working at my mother’s nursery school during my University summer holidays, taking black and white photographs of the children, processing them in our darkroom at home and selling the prints to the children’s parents. It was a rather haphazard affair when I look back on it, but great fun and I am still pleased with many of the photographs all these years on.

Cate attended my mother’s nursery school and so, when I set-up in business after finishing my degree, Kim booked me to take some pictures. We had a blast and an annual shoot followed for a number of years, before the family moved abroad.

I was over the moon when Kim contacted me again recently to arrange a portrait session and I was thrilled to travel to beautiful Bath – a city I hadn’t previously visited – to capture some family photographs.

It was one of those days of freak weather; a bit chilly when I woke up but then, just as I arrived, it started to snow, beautiful big chunks of snow – absolutely perfect for photography!

So we started just outside the house, getting some lovely snowy Christmas card shots (this is a pre-Christmas catch-up blog post today) and then off to the stables to take some pictures with Cate’s horse Oscar. A ride was cancelled as by this time the snow was six inches deep, and we headed back into the city for some shots at home. Then suddenly the snow was gone, as quickly as it had come, so we were able to take the family’s beloved dogs Lilly and Lulu outside for a walk.

It was such a wonderful day! I do hope you enjoy the pictures from this family portrait session – with many family pets, too – taken on-location in Bath.

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