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An Insight into a Family Photo Shoot in Blackheath and Greenwich

On the blog today another wonderful family photo shoot in Blackheath and Greenwich in South-East London.  Today I’ll share a sneak peek from this wonderful shoot which started with the rain bucketing down and both the children fast asleep when I arrived, and which ended with sunshine and laughter and one of the children asleep again after a fantastic and varied morning together.  Nothing ever goes according to plan when photographing children and that’s what makes it so much fun. If the kids are still asleep when I arrive, well that just fine, there’s more time for coffee and we know we will have well rested subjects when they wake up, perfect.

The kids woke up one at a time and so I started with the littlest and oh what a joy that was.  With the cutest smile she snuggled her cuddly panda and used a felt tip to draw on her mummy’s face (yes, wipes were needed, yes parents are amazing). She will go so far, this little one, everything done with the most charming smile imaginable, such a delight to photograph.

Then her big brother woke up and it was time for breakfast and pepper pig. It was such fun to include the morning routine in my shots as we got ready to go out and see the children’s matching smiles. This shot of the little boy looking through a cardboard tube is a real favourite.

Exploring Greenwich Park on our Family Photo Shoot

Then we got to Greenwich Park, as many of you know one of my all-time favourite places for family photography. We explored the flower garden and then headed down the hill to the playground.  Getting out early (and the less than dry weather) meant there was hardly anyone there and so there was no queue for the swing as the little one had a brief power nap while her big brother enjoyed the amazing play equipment.  Swings, climbing frames, scramble nets, so much variety and so much delight from a little boy who was just where he wanted to be.

Before we headed home, we enjoyed some time in the sand pit. Since I last played there they have introduced a tap for filling buckets so sand play can become sand and water play, genius.  The kids had such a great time and I only got a little bit wet, thank goodness for waterproof trousers.

Tired and happy we headed home for lunch. A brilliant morning and a brilliant set of pictures. I can’t wait to share the full selection with the family soon.


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