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I’ve been photographing Kristina and her family since 2007. This, our eighth family photo shoot, took place in Brighton and Hove. As a rule, portrait photographs of the children have been taken in and around Wimbledon and Putney where the family live. This year, we thought we would go a bit further afield and make a day of it. As the family had been staying with the grandparents down in Brighton, this was the perfect excuse for me to get on an early morning train and head down to the seaside.

We always have such a good time when on our photo shoots and this was no exception. It was also brilliant to go somewhere new as it offered lots of unchartered places to explore and fun things for us to do.

We started the session down on the beach at 8am. We had the place to ourselves and the children loved running around with the dogs, splashing in the waves and climbing on the structures below the pier. It was a joy to take family photographs that really captured the essence of Brighton. Brighton is such an important place for the family – It is home to the children’s grandparents and Kristina’s childhood stamping ground. It was great to capture it in family photos, making good use of the pier and other landmarks that have so many important memories for the family.

Once the children had got suitably wet splashing about in the sea, we thought a change of clothes would be in order along with a second breakfast. We jumped in the car and headed back to the grandparents house for clean clothes and scrambled eggs on toast – both very welcome treats. After that, warm and well-fed, we headed out again. This time, to a local beach which had the most incredible rock formations. Another perfect spot for taking pictures, only this time, taken with grandma and grandpa.

The children loved climbing on the rocks and I loved all the opportunities for different photographic compositions. The setting made for really interesting and inventive family portrait photographs.

To finish we went back to the pier, where we took a few pictures of the children having fun on the rides (the shot of Poppy and Julien on the carousel is a real favourite of mine). With the seagulls wheeling up above, we finished with a final shot of Poppy imitating the famous scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and I recall thinking what sophisticated taste Poppy has in films for one so young!

Overall, a brilliant day. I’m thrilled with the pictures. I do hope you will enjoy them too. If you would like to book your own family photography session – be it in Brighton, London or anywhere else in the UK, come to that, then please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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