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The wild and windy spring shoot featured on the blog today is from our children and family photography session in the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge, one of my very favourite spots for family photography.

Originally, I met Gemma and Suranga when I photographed their wedding alongside my husband Tom (back when I used to photograph weddings) and we have kept in contact since. I first photographed Nuwan in St James Park when he was a baby and the family were on a visit to London. This time I went to Cambridge where I was thrilled to see them all again for a spring photography shoot.

Although it was a cold day, we wrapped up snugly and headed out to the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge for our family portraits – it’s a spot that the family love. The boys are always thrilled to visit the site as it is a brilliant place for a run-around and explore.

The Botanical Gardens is a wonderful spot. Since studying at Cambridge University, these gardens are a real favourite of mine. I spent many a happy afternoon with my friends surrounded by piles of medieval history text books. Although they have always been fantastic for children, now, they now seem even more set-up for kids to enjoy themselves. At the entrance we picked up some explorer bags for the children. Filled with bug-catching jars and other toys designed to help teach about the surrounding flora and fauna, they proved a massive hit with the children.

It has to be said, that the most exciting thing for the children was not so much the bugs, but the ice. The fountain had frozen over, as had many of the puddles, so we had a fantastic time breaking the puddle ice and examining the giant slabs of ice in the fountain – the boys were transfixed.

We also had time to play some of the boys favourite games – stick swords, hide and seek and running around the maze being chased by mummy and daddy monsters. The maze was clearly the absolute favourite as the boys’ yelps of joy made clear.

It was a fantastic day out and a tremendously fun photo shoot. Today, like many other days, I feel so very privileged to be a children’s and family photographer. I get to go all over the UK and Europe, meet new people and see new things. It was lovely to be back in Cambridge today and I am beyond thrilled with the pictures. I do hope you will enjoy looking at them and get in touch if you would like to arrange your own session this year.

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