Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Celebrating Mother’s Day


To all the mother's out there - you are amazing!

It’s only as I grow up that I really realise all the amazing things that my mum did for us. With four children and her own business I realise now that we were a little unfair to complain if our cooked breakfast was burnt as she tried to get us dressed, pack our lunches and ferry us out the door to school. As an adult, I can’t quite believe we actually had hot food every morning, she truly is a Super-mum.

As it’s Mother’s Day today I want to join with all the children, all the families, saying thank you to all the mums out there for the amazing job you do – reading stories, bandaging scraped knees, driving us to music lessons, helping us grow and learn, teaching us to become good people able to go out into the world.

Mum’s are amazing (as are dads of course, and grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends) Today is for the mums though, for the wonderful things you do, for your incredible selflessness and amazing hard work. We love you and we thank you.

From a photographer’s point of view photographing parents with their children is an absolute joy. I love to see such incredible love and record it in pictures that I know the children will look back on and smile. It’s an amazing and wonderful thing, from the grand gestures to the little glances, the soft stroke of the hair or the moment where a mum can’t help but pull their baby close and nuzzle them, breathing in the very essence of their little one. It’s a joy to behold and an even greater joy to photograph.

So, in celebration of all the mum’s out there – here are some pictures taken over the years. Pictures that celebrate this wonderful relationship of mothers and children