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Chelsea and Battersea Family Photographer


I love how my job as a family photographer takes me all over London, in the past fourteen years I must have visited every park and Battersea remains a firm favourite, there is so much to do there. I was thrilled when Maria booked a family photo shoot at their Chelsea home that was to include a trip to Battersea Park.

Starting early as I always do – to get the best of the weather and also to photograph the children when they are well rested and at their best and brightest. We were up with the larks and among the first people in Battersea Park. It was a great day and we had such a good time. Svante loved exploring and, as he was just at that stage of able to pull himself up but not yet walking, I spent much of my time lying on the floor so I could get a perfect angle. One of my favourite shots is the picture of him on the steps of the bandstand, a perfectly symmetrical image (and with an adult just out of shot for safety, of course). I love the balance and harmony to this child portrait photograph and I think the use of black and white adds to its impact and power.

Svante loved playing with his parents, peek-a-boo and flying in the air being particular favourites. I loved incorporating the fantastic fountain in battersea into these pictures, London landmarks are such great elements to bring into family portrait photographs and Chelsea and Battersea have so many great locations.

While Svante had a nap in his buggy we headed home to the incredible flat in Chelsea wharf for some indoor pictures. I love to mix up indoor and outdoor photographs when I do family portrait sessions, having pictures taken in your own home is so important as these images will have so many memories attached to them. We had a lovely time doing all his favourite things, and the resulting set of images is a wonderful document of this time in his young life.

I hope you like this set of images from our family photo shoot in Chelsea and Battersea Park, if you would like to arrange your own session then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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