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Family photography in Maida Vale and Regent’s Park, NW London


Maida Vale and Regent’s Park in North West London were my destinations for today’s fabulous children and family photography session with the wonderful Elke, Peter, Laszlo and Uncle Robin – a family I always really look forward to seeing every year for our annual autumnal photography session.

Arriving nice and early, we headed straight out to Regent’s Park so that we could make use of the simply incredible early morning light. It was pure magic and the shots of Elke and Laszlo by the lake are real favourites of mine from this session. We started in the playground, as always enjoying having it all to ourselves as the park was yet to be filled by families out to enjoy their day. The park at 8.30am is just wonderful! Laszlo loved the swings and enjoyed the xylophone type thing – I do love how many London parks now have musical areas in the playgrounds; it’s such a fun thing to do with the children and they always seem so fascinated by being able to create tunes, the democratisation of musical instruments in practice!

Then we headed off to explore the park with a bit of climbing and, of course, a hunt for The Gruffalo who has been recently seen in the area. We didn’t find him but we did find a café with hot drinks and wonderful cakes – always good for a mid-morning pick-me-up.

Then back to the playground for some more climbing – Laszlo’s balance skills were really very impressive and we had a great time. I always think capturing really interesting pictures in a playground is a challenge and it’s something I really pride myself on after years of practice with children and family photography sessions in London’s many fabulous parks.

We then decided to head home and take some pictures indoors, too – it’s lovely to vary the locations for children and family photography sessions. It means we get a really interesting variety of pictures as those taken indoors are often very different from the outdoor images; not just in terms of light and background, but also the mood of the images can change dramatically from indoors to outdoors, and this is something I really love to capture.

I love the indoor shots as Laszlo played with his parents and Uncle Robin – he’s such a happy little boy and a joy to photograph. I hope you enjoy this selection of pictures, so full of life and laughter from our children and family photography session in Maida Vale and Regent’s Park, London.

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