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Children’s and family photography in Hertfordshire


It was a grey and drizzly day when I arrived for my photo shoot with Carol-Anne and her children, but that didn’t stop us having an amazing time and taking some photographs that are among my all-time favourite images.

We began our morning with some pictures of the whole family, as Dad Nigel could only join us for a short time before work. It was great to utilise both the wonderful decor inside the family’s home, and also the beautiful architecture outside in our pictures. My favourite image, which was the recent Just One preview image from this photo shoot of the family and the flock of ducks, will always make me laugh as I think of the ends that I will go to to make children smile and to integrate different elements into my images. I’m so glad I had taken my waterproof trousers with me to that shoot, as they were certainly rather muddy after lying in the mud for this shot!

We then headed over to the stables so that I could be introduced to the ponies. We didn’t incorporate any riding into the pictures on this occasion, as only two of the children are keen riders and I like to keep the activities as inclusive as possible on a family photo shoot, but it was great to have a chance to take some pictures of the children with their ponies. We all utilised the shelter provided by the sheds to take some more group shots of the children together, shots that are always great favourites after the session.

Heading indoors again, we decided to use the family’s wonderful swimming pool for some photographs, and the children had a brilliant time jumping in and playing in the water. It was so much fun and I was very glad of the tough nature of my top of the range camera equipment when it came to focusing on such fast-moving action in the relatively dimly lit pool room – the high-spec professional camera equipment comes into its own in these conditions!

We finished our morning with some more relaxed pictures as the family relaxed, chatting to each other and playing with their wonderful (and tiny) new puppy – it was a great end to a great photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy these photographs from our recent children’s and family portrait session in Hertfordshire, and do get in touch if you would like to book your own family photo shoot session this summer – it would be lovely to hear from you.

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