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Family and children’s portrait photography in Greenwich


I first photographed Erin back in 2013, when we spent a lovely morning in Greenwich in South London taking some beautiful baby photographs, as well as wonderful relaxed family portraits in the family home and nearby Greenwich Park. It was a fantastic shoot and I have so many memories of the day, chatting and laughing with Erin’s mum and dad and having a lovely time taking pictures.

I was delighted when Anita contacted me to arrange another session – Erin is now two years old and full of fun. We had a wonderful morning spent dodging rain showers to play in the garden. Anita and Martin are lucky to have one of those gardens that will be a dream growing-up – plenty of space to play, large areas of lawn that will easily fit various slides and climbing frames as Erin grows up, and – best of all from the point of view of a small child – lots of shrubbery that will be transformed into dens as the years go by. It’s a brilliant garden and we utilised all of it.

I’m not sure what I enjoyed most – whether it was bubble catching, or bug hunting, or an incredible pram race around what was clearly a pre-arranged course, circling the shrubs in the middle. Apparently this is a favourite game and I thought it was wonderful how excited Erin was as she pushed her pram, complete with both dolly in the driving seat and bunny rabbit helping with steering round the tight corners. I can’t wait to see what she will be like on a bike in a few years’ time!

After all the excitement of the Grand Prix, we settled for a bit of a rest and an elaborate tea party in the garden. I was thrilled to be invited too, and I had a lovely time admiring all Erin’s beautifully arranged cups and saucers and how seriously she took each stage of her meal – cheers was said at every opportunity when drinking tea. I love the pictures we have from this game – they sum-up so well this point in childhood, and the scale of the tea things and the tiny table will be lovely to look back on.

As a rain shower appeared overhead, we ran indoors for a bit of inside play and some stories. It was good to hide from the rain and lovely to get a few indoor pictures, as these always have such a lovely different feel to those we take outdoors. I particularly love the dramatic light on the soulful portrait of Erin I took in her parents’ room, as well as the shot of excitement and joy as she read her favourite book.

Before I left, we had a little bit more time to play in the garden. I’m always keen to provide as much variety to my children and family photographs as possible, ensuring a lovely natural set of images that really show all the different aspects of a child’s personality. I’m thrilled with this selection of lovely natural images of childhood and a family full of fun. They were an absolute joy to photograph and I hope you will enjoy looking at this set of pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. I can’t wait for next time…

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