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Clissold Park Highbury and Islington family portrait photography


Today on the blog, I’m sharing a wonderful set of family photographs from a recent family session in Islington, North London. I was thrilled when Graham got in touch to arrange a session with his two children. The family sounded such good fun from my initial conversation and, as soon as I arrived at their house, my feelings were confirmed. Right from the start, I just knew I was going to be in for a treat of a morning.

George talked non-stop while polishing off his second bowl of porridge of the morning and Flossie presented me with a book that I could read to her whilst drinking my coffee. Much to Flossie’s amusement, I quacked like a duck and mooed like a cow. Let it never be said that I am not obliging!

Coffee drunk and the children dressed, we headed out to nearby Clissold Park – somewhere I’d not visited before but I’d heard good things about. I love exploring new parks and it contributes to the general fun of photoshoots. Clissold Park is lovely – a really great spot for children and family portrait photography. There were trees to climb, big open spaces to run around in, a lot of shade (always good for family portraits on a very bright day) and also lots of really exciting and interesting attractions like a mini zoo. We didn’t explore the mini zoo on this photo shoot but I’m keen to go back for a closer look another time.

The children had such fun playing with their parents and running around. George, who was adept on his scooter, was really keen to show just how fast he could go – at least when he wasn’t distracted chasing pesky pigeons. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one reminded of the Wacky Races, a favourite cartoon of mine from childhood – ‘stop that pigeon….’ – can anyone even remember why they needed to catch it, or is it to remain one of those childhood’s mysteries?

We finished the family photography session in the Clissold Park playground. Playgrounds are always a big hit with the kids. A really good one, with a lovely variety of apparatus, offers all sorts of photographic opportunities, including some really great angles. Also, while I was in the Clissold Park playground, I witnessed an older boy guarding a piece of play equipment. It was only by answering a complicated maths question that the younger children were allowed access. If they wanted to go through the tunnel they first needed to tell the older lad what three plus seven came to. It’s one way to learn I suppose and it certainly made me laugh.

It was a great day, a really lovely morning and I’m thrilled with the pictures. I do hope you will enjoy them too – today’s blog featuring my children and family portrait photographs from Clissold Park in Highbury and Islington.

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