Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Extended family photo shoot in Hertfordshire


I love a big family photo shoots and so I was thrilled to visit Lyn to take some portrait pictures of her extended family. Lyn and her husband were joined by their children, son-in-law and their two grandchildren and it made for the most wonderful day.

We had such a blast in their absolutely beautiful Hertfordshire garden – the sun shone and even the ducks came out to play. We rode on trikes, played football, read favourite stories, played board games, played hide and seek, played with the sand and even played in the car (a favourite game of the children’s apparently and one they looked ever so cool doing – I really liked the sunglasses and jaffa cakes, clearly they take their road trips seriously).

It was such a wonderful day and I am absolutely thrilled with the pictures. I hope you enjoy looking at this set of extended family photographs taken on-location in Hertfordshire.

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