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I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the UK a lot this year for my family photos shoots, and today’s post features one of my favourite family shoots from back in the summer in the beautiful Cotswolds. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Cotswolds a number of times in the last few years for family photography sessions, and I always love heading out of London to visit the countryside.

I’ve met Sarah and Ed twice before, photographing Iona as a toddler and Hamish as a newborn. It was so lovely to see them again and to meet little Edward, the newest member of the family. It’s always a real treat to see how the children have grown and capture all the different milestones in beautiful relaxed and natural family photographs.

It was a drizzly morning when I arrived and so we started with a few pictures indoors, the children having a lovely time on mummy and daddy’s bed and then showing me their favourite bits of the house. I love that the playroom has walls that the children can paint directly onto, reminding me of the fabulous blackboard they have in the kitchen of their Kensington home which is massive and covered in the children’s drawings.

I ventured outside to check on the weather and took one of my favourite pictures from the day. Sadly the size of the image in this blog post doesn’t do it justice as it needs to be printed big to show the detail, but I’ve included it as I love it so much – the path to the gate, the front door and tiny at the bottom, Hamish looking out through the cat flap, grinning with glee as he waves to me! I just love this shot.

Then we were out and about, starting with some family shots in the beautiful orchard with its wonderful gnarly apple trees giving a lovely context to the family group, and then some time on the swings – clearly the favourite activity of the children.

We then explored the field next door, sitting on the hay bales and seeing if we could roll them to find the pot of gold left underneath by the hay fairy – sadly we must have been looking in the wrong place this time, but I have high hopes for the future and my next countryside shoot!

We jumped in puddles, played hide and seek and the children drove (or were technically pulled) around in their favourite tractor and trailer combination. I took my favourite photography of the day of the family resting on the gate with the beautiful Cotswolds countryside in the background – it’s a picture that I love as it captures the family at this time and in this place in an artistic fashion, just what I want from my photography.

It was a really wonderful day, brilliant fun and with a fantastic set of pictures. I’m thrilled with them and I hope you will like this set of relaxed and natural children and family photography from our shoot in the Cotswolds.

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