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Family and baby photography featuring triplets in Putney, South London


I had a wonderful time photographing Dominic and his baby triplets in Putney in South London recently, and I’m delighted to share this selection of portraits on the blog with you today. Dominic had contacted me from America in advance of his family holiday to London, as he was keen to arrange a family portrait session as a birthday gift for his wife and to have some pictures taken of his triplet boys, portraits that they would treasure as the children grew up. Dominic had been attracted to my natural, relaxed style of family portrait photography and I was thrilled to book in his session.

Our family photo shoot took place in Putney, where the family were staying in a lovely Air B’n’B – a beautiful house very close to Putney Heath that was filled with lots of natural light, perfect for taking pictures of the triplets.

We started our morning by heading out onto the Heath to take advantage of the morning light, and we had a lovely time taking some family photographs in the woods and some pictures of the boys playing with their parents. They were such relaxed babies, giggling as they were lifted into the air and reaching for each other as they played.

It wasn’t long before the first of the boys began to get tired in anticipation of their mid-morning nap and so we decided to head back to the house to ensure that all the babies managed to have a good sleep. I’m always very keen that we stick to the children’s routines during a photo shoot, as baby’s are always at their best when they’re well-fed and having had plenty of sleep. It helps to keep everyone relaxed if we stick to the normal schedule, and it gives the adults a chance to have a welcome cup of coffee too!

After nap time, we decided that the best place for some more pictures in the house would be to put the duvet on the floor between the sofas in the main room. Usually I’d photograph babies on the main bed, but the light in the bedroom was very dim and also it’s important to ensure that the babies are able to roll around and have fun without any risk of falling – when there are three babies, it made sense to work on the floor. It was a great spot with wonderful natural light coming in from a skylight in the kitchen and the children were completely happy and safe, rolling around and trying to very hard to crawl on the lovely soft duvet.

I captured lots of natural portraits as the babies played together, making sure to take a number of shots of all three babies together as well as individual portraits photographs of the triplets and pictures of all the boys with their parents. I was even lucky enough to have some pictures with the boys’ Grandpa as he arrived for lunch while I was still taking pictures – it’s always lovely to involve grandparents in a photo shoot, as these pictures will be treasured as the years go by.

We had a brilliant time and I’m thrilled with this selection of family and baby portrait photographs taken on location in Putney, South London – I do hope you enjoy them, too.

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