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I’m very pleased to be sharing a selection of images from a fabulous family photo shoot in Richmond that we did just before Christmas. It’s always lovely to share these extended selections, they work so well as a compliment to the single image ‘Just One’ series that go up straight after a shoot. I always really enjoy going through the whole family photo shoot to pick out some favourites – portraits, family group shots, pictures that show everyone having fun. These blog posts are great for the family that I have photographed to share with their own family and friends and are also a really lovely way for new clients to get a feel for my work and the type and variety of images they can expect if they book a session with me. One of the things I pride myself on is the quality and consistency of my work throughout a family photo shoot, taking lots of images you will love and I really enjoy showing this in these blog posts.

This family photo shoot was my fifth session with Richard and Nicola and I’m so pleased that they have returned so regularly to update their family photographs over the years. We always have such a great time and we’ve built up a really wonderful collection of images that the children love to have up on the walls in their home.

For this session Richard and Nicola chose Richmond Park, one of their favourite places to go as a family and a great spot for family photography. I love the big open spaces of London and Richmond always feels like a new park each time I visit as it’s so big and with so many very diverse areas.

We had a brilliant time playing with toys that the children had chosen to bring with them – footballs and conkers and a variety of different things for throwing and catching. We built a couple of brilliant dens too and it was great to see how much the children enjoyed the process with Alice informing me she was going to be an engineer when she grew up, a fine ambition.

Richmond also has some of the most incredible fallen trees to climb on and we had a brilliant time doing that. I love activities that totally absorb the children as it gives me scope to move around and work on really interesting compositions that will really stand the test of time. My picture of Tom on the tree branch silhouetted against the sky is one of my favourites of 2016.

It was a fantastic day and we had such a brilliant time, I can’t wait for our next photo shoot in a couple of years as I know that will be great fun too. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this selection of pictures from our recent children and family photo shoot in Richmond. If you would like to arrange your own photo shoot for this year then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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