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Family photo shoot at the Hurlingham Club


Extended family photo shoot in Fulham

It’s always lovely when I’m recommended for a job by one of my fellow photographers and that was the case for this wonderful extended family photo shoot at London’s prestigious Hurlingham Club. I was so thrilled to be booked for this one as, from first contact, I could tell we were going to have a brilliant time together.

With a family with an age range from 69 – a celebratory birthday photo shoot – to seven weeks it was always going to be a relaxed and laid-back affair. You can’t be too fixated on a plan with tiny twins and a three year old in the mix. These are my favorite type of sessions, a few group shots of course, but then a morning spent enjoying each other’s company, the family catching up on news, and doting on the little ones, it’s pure joy.

A three-year-old takes centre stage

Young children are always the star of the show on photo shoots like this, little bundles of joy they spread smiles around – ‘come on, come and play!’ and who can resist such a request. Hide and seek, flying in the air, exploring, all provide beautiful photographic opportunities while keeping the little one entertained.

My favourite moment was the discovery of ‘Tom the grasshopper’ it’s always good to give names to those we chat to. ‘Tom the grasshopper’ also got into some pictures and, along with ‘Dr Dog’ the cuddly toy, added an extra element to the day. I love the look of concentration and care when little ones interact with the natural world, they will be the keepers of the planet in the future and, seeing their consideration for other creatures, I feel we will be in good hands.

Tiny babies loved by all

The tiny seven-week-old twins gave their elder sister a run for her money in the cuteness stakes and were both so chilled for the whole morning.

Alternating between feeds, naps, and staring at whoever was lucky enough to be having a cuddle at the time, they were a joy to photograph.

It’s often the little moment a that touch my heart when photographing over the course of the day. Looking over a shoulder and seeing grandpa holding his granddaughter’s tiny finger, those moments are so precious

Aunts and uncles have the best job in the world

As a doting aunt myself I think I have the best job in the world and the little ones’ aunt and uncle were doing an amazing job playing and cuddling their little nieces. You can tell they are adored, and adoring, and it’s lovely to see these relationships which will be nurtured and grow over time, family is an amazing thing.

Birthday celebrations

With birthday celebrations to come I imagine there will be a lot more fun and laughter for this lovely family in the weeks ahead and I wish everyone an amazing time together. Thank you for letting me join a part of the celebration and the opportunity to share this lovely day with you. I hope we will meet again sometime in the future.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this sneak preview while I process the rest of the pictures, a few favourites from our wonderful extended family photo shoot at the Hurlingham club.

A selection of images from an extended family photo shoot at the Hurlingham Club in Fulham, West London