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Family Photo Shoot in Sevenoaks


Family Photography in Sevenoaks

It was an absolutely beautiful, and an absolutely freezing day for my recent family photoshoot in Sevenoaks. These glorious bright winter mornings with crisp frost and icy puddles are stunning for pictures but golly its hats and scarfs weather. I do find that the outdoor elements of the sessions can be shorter with more time indoors, so nobody gets too cold. This works really well as we end up with wonderful variety to the pictures and a lovely selection that takes in the beautiful landscape of stunning Knole Park in Sevenoaks and also hobbies and interests at home.

We started out and about, the low winter light was glorious as we headed to Knole Park in Sevenoaks for some beautiful family photo shoots. I love the opportunities a big park gives us and I concentrated on some family photos that included some of the beautiful setting with fallen trees creating interesting opportunities for stunning group shots.

The low winter light was amazing for portraits, and I love this fun-loving little girl’s smile as she grins at the camera, eyes sparking in the sunshine. I took beautiful portraits of everyone making the most of the incredible opportunities the light gave us.

When everyone began to get cold, we headed home for hot drinks and some indoor pictures. Whatever the weather I always love to include some indoor pictures on my photo shoots and I was thrilled to have the opportunities of a stunning house to work in for this fun photo shoot.

I love to move through different activities on a photo shoot and it’s always a pleasure when teenagers have hobbies and interests that we can incorporate into our photos.  These boys were incredible musicians, and I was thrilled to take pictures as they played their instruments – cello and drums respectively and then some delightful shots of their little sister creating music too. I’m in awe of anyone who plays an instrument, and these children all had such talent, it was a joy to see and an even bigger joy to listen to.

Music, pool, cinema, trampoline, there were so many wonderful opportunities on this family photo shoot and the pictures are looking glorious. I’m thrilled to share this sneak preview of our family photo shoot in Sevenoaks before the family get to see the full selection in the New Year, I can’t wait, it’s always so exciting to see which shots are everyone’s favourites.

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