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Family photographer in Suffolk


For the photographs featured in today’s blogpost, I travelled to the Suffolk countryside for Maggie’s children’s and family photography session. I love Suffolk – it’s such a beautiful county and I was delighted to hear from Maggie, whose family I have photographed before a number of years ago. It’s always so lovely to see families again and I am so lucky as a children’s and family portrait photographer that such a large part of my business sees me visiting clients year-after-year to update their family photographs and capture a really wonderful photographic record of their children’s early lives.

It was a beautiful day when I arrived nice and early to photograph Maggie and her family – it was one of the first days of this wonderful weather we have recently been enjoying, and I knew we would be in for a good day. Lovely weather is fantastic for putting everyone in such good moods.

We started our photo shoot by exploring Maggie’s fabulous garden – there were acres and acres of wonderful garden with so many different features such as fields of corn, avenues of hedges, trees to climb and some of the most incredible barns I have ever been lucky enough to photograph. Barns have what can only be described as magical light – not much of it, but oh, so incredible for photographs.

We captured some family photographs in the cornfield behind Maggie’s house and I love the difference between the first shot – with everyone so calm and smiling for the camera – and the second, with its madness and mayhem as everyone flies in different directions, and even the dog has appeared leaping through the corn. I think I like the second one best, it’s my natural love of chaos coming through!

After a fabulous time in the garden we went indoors for drinks and a snack, the children all being partial to a tonic water which I found amusing, and then I tried one and remembered just how nice it is – it’s been ages since I have drunk any.

We then headed outdoors to a local playground that the children particularly love. It’s always wonderful to take children and family photographs in places that children go regularly – it’s fun to record their favourite places as they will bring back so many memories over the years.

We had a great time there, playing on the swings and the balance logs but most of all, playing with the light sabres (and what looked to me very much like a jousting spear but that is never going to be a problem to an imagniative small boy – golly, I love the imagination of children, it is always so much fun).

We had such a brilliant time and I’m thrilled with the pictures. I do hope you will enjoy looking at this selection of children and family portrait photographs taken on location in Suffolk.

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