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It was another trip to beautiful Notting Hill today to visit Stacey for our second family photography session. I had first met the family a couple of years ago when we took some newborn pictures of Toni along with lots of fun family photos. I was so pleased to go back for a second visit now Toni is two.

We had a brilliant time and I was so pleased to see everyone again. I remembered Ava so well from our first session, initially she had been a little shy and then suddenly had warmed up and we had had the most incredible time. She’s so expressive and funny and full of the most incredibly energy – that hadn’t changed at all. Having recently taken up Karate I was thrilled to see all her amazing moves and it was a great test of the camera autofocus system to have such a lot of energy in indoor photographs. I’ve always been a fan of action pictures and I love it when the kids jump around during our photo shoots, it’s so much more fun than sitting quietly for the camera.

As I often like to do, we divided our photo shoot between indoor and outdoor pictures. I love indoor shots and find I’m drawn to them more and more as time goes by. I love showing my clients homes and capturing the little details that I know will bring back so many memories as the children get older, toys and games and those activities that they can only do when they are young – it won’t be long now before Ava is too big to ride her scooter around the kitchen, it’s it lovely to have these pictures that she can look back on in later years.

As the morning progressed we headed out for some fresh air. Notting Hill has such beautiful garden squares and Stacey is lucky enough to have a key to one of them. We had a great time playing football and having a run around. It was also a lovely opportunity for some family photographs as I do think these are an important element of any family photo shoot – I like to make sure I cover all my bases, some family shots with everyone in as well as the more spontaneous documentary photographs which is what often draws people to my work.

We finished with a bit of home baking, as Ava was keen to make a chocolate cake. I love her expressions as she mixes (and tastes) the cake.

It was a great session and I’m already looking forward to our next one. Visiting families again and again and watching the children grow is, without a doubt, the most amazing part of my job. If you have been thinking about booking a family photography session but are yet to schedule a date then make today the day you pick up the phone. We can get something in the diary and start to document your children’s lives in beautiful black and white photographs that you will treasure for years to come.

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