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Family Photographs While on Vacation in London


Hajer visits London every year from her home in Saudi Arabia and I look forward to our annual family photography session where we record the children’s holiday in a set of beautiful portrait photographs. Hajer and I first met last year when the concierge at the Ritz hotel had booked my services and, after a fantastic photo shoot in Green Park, I created a beautiful album and a lovely selection of framed wall portraits for the family to enjoy back at home. I was so pleased to see everyone again this year when the family vacation bought them back to central London and we arranged another photo shoot to record their holiday.

Hajer loves London’s beautiful parks, parks she enjoyed when she visited as a child and which her children now enjoy in their turn. The lush greenery, the beautiful flowers, and being able to run around and explore all make the parks special. She’s always keen to have pictures that really capture the feeling of London in the summer. I’m always happy to oblige and the beautiful family portrait photographs create a timeless record that the children will love as they get older and which will always remind them of the holidays in London.

For this year’s photo shoot we went to stunning St Jame’s Park, a short walk from Hajer’s central London hotel and a lovely spot for family portrait photographs. The weather was stunning and the girls loved exploring the park and playing games together. Peek-a-boo was a favourite and I love the pictures of the girls enjoying their game together. Leah was keen to bring her toy rabbit with her and we had a great time playing with it, I don’t think rabbits normally climb trees or enjoy flying so much but clearly Leah’s toy is an adventurous rabbit and it was so fun to see which games she thought up for it. Manon was keen to crawl around and enjoyed giggling at her mother and grandmother as they made her laugh, the resulting portraits are some of my favourites.

It was a fantastic morning and the pictures are so beautiful. Building on the wall display we created last year I’m really excited to be adding fourteen more framed prints to the collection, as it grows over the years the girls will be able to see family portrait photographs each day that remind them of their holidays in London and also, most importantly, of their wonderful loving family and the fun they have together.

If you are visiting London for your holiday, if you are vacationing in the centre of town and want to explore some of Lodnon’s best parks or if you would like to take pictures around the stunning landmarks that make up so many of London’s most iconic views, then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you and together we can plan the best photo shoot for your family that will bring back memories of your London holiday for years to come.  For more information about the different options then do take a look at my London vacation photography page.

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