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Family Photography at Battersea Power Station


I spent a fabulous morning at Battersea Park and Battersea Power Station photographing this wonderful family who I first met back in 2020. Since then, they have lived abroad and three has become four. I was so pleased when they got in touch to book another session this summer, I knew we would have a brilliant time.

The morning dawned bright and not too hot, perfect weather for photography and the overcast sky created beautiful soft light which is perfect when photographing toddlers who love to run in wide open spaces away from any shade.

Battersea Park for family photos

We started our day by heading out to beautiful Battersea Park which is one of my favourite spots in London for family photographs as it’s so varied and has so many fun options in terms of location.

I love how at the beginning of a photo shoot children will often just stare at the camera for beautiful portraits and then, as the day progresses and activities are enjoyed the pictures become wilder and more exuberant and the expressions full of laughter. It’s one of the reasons I like a longer photo shoot, it means we are able to photograph the full spectrum of moods in beautiful pictures that really show personalities.

Games and fun

There is the wide open area in Battersea Park which is just fantastic for running around, playing ball games or even a wonderful game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ which always makes for brilliant pictures and which I hadn’t played for ages.

It’s always such a joy when parents enter into the games wholeheartedly and I love pictures of parents laughing and having fun with their children. I know how valuable these will be to the kids when they grow up and it’s lovely to see the happiness on everyone’s faces as they play together.

And then, there was feeding the birds, an activity that I never would have dreamt of, but which is clearly incredibly popular at the park. Wonderful fun, although I admit that having a parakeet land on my head was something I hadn’t bargained for, fair to say it made everyone laugh!

Battersea Power Station

By this point everyone was getting quite tired, so we headed back to the flat via some wonderful outdoor games at Battersea Power Station. There was giant Jenga, giant Connect Four and some amazing blue construction toys (but they were already mobbed by other children so we gave those a miss, they looked amazing though). It looks as if there will be activities throughout the summer, worth a look if you if you live in the area.

Back at home we did some quiet play, some writing practice (I love how enthusiastically little ones take to learning) and reading as well as enjoying some fun with balloons – the simplest toys are often the best and spending time together as a family is all we need for beautiful photos.

Get in touch to book your photo shoot

It was a wonderful morning at Battersea Park and Battersea Power station. If you like the pictures you have seen here today and would like to book your own family photography session do get in touch. I’d love to meet your family and together we can create wonderful memories for you, and your children, to cherish.