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Family photography in Battersea, London SW11


Today’s blog post features a morning spent in Battersea Park for a wonderful children and family photography session. As a London based family photographer, I have come to love Battersea Park so much over the years. Like so many of London’s great parks, it has a really wide variety of different areas which make for brilliant and creative family photographs. I love how in Battersea, one minute we can be running around in the bright sunshine on the football pitches, then next walking through shaded passageways, exploring the walled gardens or – and this was the real favourite activity for the day – opening and shutting some of the many toddler-sized gates. It’s as if Battersea Park has been designed with the whims of a toddler in mind, there are so many gates!

As you will have seen from our Just One preview post from this shoot, opening and shutting gates were the order of the day and we had a great time doing that. But we also did so many other things and it’s lovely to share some of these natural family photographs from Battersea Park on the blog with you today.

Henry was an absolute joy to photograph as was his playmate and partner in crime, Boris the dog. I can only imagine what those two will get up to together as they grow up – maybe it is Henry’s lovely stripy top, but I can’t help thinking of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, my childhood favourites, especially when Henry is grinning his marvellously infectious grin.

We had a lovely time exploring the park and we even climbed the giant boulders, which was incredibly exciting, and lovely for me as I had the opportunity to experiment with some different angles and compositions, shooting down on the family from above. I always strive for the very best imaginative and creative compositions for my family portraiture, I like to produce something really interesting for my clients.

It is this interest in composition that led to one of my favourite pictures from this family photography session, which is the picture of Henry running along, straight towards a giant puddle and his reflection grinning back at him. I’m always on the lookout for moments like this – elements in the environment that I can use to make a picture that bit more visually interesting, more exciting and creating an image that really holds the viewer’s attention while showing us an aspect of a child’s personality that is so characteristic and will bring a smile to his parents in years to come. Henry loved puddles, I’m so glad we have caught this excitement in a picture.

I’m also always on the lookout for emotion in my pictures, family portraits that capture the enormous love parents have for their children as they pull them close, laughing and snuggling in together in a giant hug. These images are so precious.

So here we are, a selection of the many fun-filled pictures from our family photography session spent in Battersea Park, London SW11. I hope you will enjoy looking at them and if you would like to book your own family session then do contact us, we have a very few spaces left during the Easter holidays and would love to hear from you.

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