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Family photography in Chiswick, West London


It was drizzling when I arrived in Chiswick for today’s fun-packed family photography session in West London. I have been lucky enough to photograph the beautiful Sophie and Emily twice before and so I had been looking forward to our family photo shoot. It’s wonderful revisiting families year on year, getting to know everyone well and watching the children grow up – I just love it.

I knew that we had a nice light in the family’s home for photographs if the rain didn’t let up but, by lucky chance, by the time we had had a cup of coffee and got everyone dressed and ready, the rain was letting up and we decided to brave the elements and head out to Chiswick House, which was our planned location for our family photography session.

When we arrived, up went the umbrellas – it was a week of umbrellas during the week of this photo shoot and I can safely say that the yellow duck umbrella is the child’s choice in 2014 (the red ladybird really doesn’t cut it anymore). The children loved their umbrellas, almost as much as they loved my rendition of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ – I do love the uncritical natures of children!

We had a great time exploring, taking family shots, jumping in puddles, jumping in more puddles, getting wet, playing hide and seek (I wasn’t the only one who was drenched by the end of the day) and even working out the aerodynamics of towel-based superhero capes. It was such a lovely day.

A bit of time spent in the playground involved Sophie demonstrating her climbing prowess, and both girls showing that standing on the big swing is definitely preferable to lying down or any other sensible and safety conscious position. Emily in particular was climbing and jumping off things with the aplomb of a gymnast.

We then headed back home to take a few more pictures as the girls made a batch of cupcakes for lunch. I love photographing activities like baking, as there are so many opportunities for great photographs, and so many opportunites for mess – there’s nothing like flour and eggs to create a bit of chaos, and also delicious cake mixture for licking-off spoons.

We finished our morning with stories as the girls, tired after our morning’s adventures, had some quiet time. It was a brilliant morning, full of fun activities and adventure, a perfect children and family photography session and I hope you will enjoy looking at these pictures from our photo shoot in Chiswick in West London.

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