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Family Photography in Hertfordshire


A joyful family portrait session in Cedars Park

A wonderful family photo shoot in Hertfordshire’s Cedars Park on the blog today. It was the first time I’d been there, and it was fantastic, a great location for family photography.

It was my sixth shoot with Spacey and her wonderful family. My husband had photographed her wedding back in Cambridge many years ago and so, when their first child arrived, Spacey got in touch to book a family shoot. Since then our family photography sessions have become a wonderful annual tradition and one that I always really look forward to. They are always a highpoint of my summer.

Relaxed approach to family photography

Our family photo shoots are always such fun and super relaxed, there’s always so much to do. Spacey always brings great toys for the kids to play with and finds brilliant locations. Our photo shoots are often in places that are new to me in fabulous East London and Hertfordshire which makes them especially fun.

This year’s family photo shoot in Hertfordshire was a triumph. Cedars Park has so much to do and even after four hours of photography I don’t think we’d scratched the surface of what we could have done and the areas we could have explored.

All the adventures on our Hertfordshire family photo shoot

Meeting at 9am I was greeted by Spider-Man and the tree fairy, and the adventures began immediately.

Starting with a couple of family shots in a beautiful big tree (filled with fairies of course) we then headed to the maze. It was a low maze which meant no chance of losing the kids, but the design meant it was great fun to run around and play hide and seek creating fabulous opportunities for pictures.

From there we explored a path which took us round a corner to a large mound covered in fake grass. Round and round we ran, and the kids had a brilliant time sliding down, climbing up and chasing their parents. I love how kids find games everywhere, always inventive, and always happy for pictures to be part of the game.

Games and activities for family photography in Cedars Park

Snack time followed and then an attempt to fly a kite. No wind meant that luck wasn’t with us but it was still fun to run around and if you can’t fly a kite you can always use a feather and a stick as a wand instead, there’s always magic everywhere when you look for it.

From there we went into the lovely Cedars Nature Centre which was fantastic. A mini zoo with friendly and informative guides (I hadn’t known that goldfish could live for years and would also grow to the size of their container, the ones we got to feed in the pond were over 10cm long and I wonder how big they will get). We saw meercats and a Scorpion while George’s pirate song elicited hysterical laughter from the kookaburra. I’ve never heard one laugh before and now understand how they got their name.

By this time everyone was tired, so it was a short bit of bike riding before we all sat down to some lunch at the lovely cafe. A burger and a bit of post lunch tree climbing layer and home time for everyone. Tired and happy after a phenomenally good day and some wonderful family photography in Cedars Park in Hertfordshire.

Book a family photography session this year

I hope you will like the pictures you have seen here today. If you would like to book your own session, then get in touch very soon. I’m fully booked for August and September but do have availability in October and November ready for Christmas. Drop me a line via the contact form or give me a call on 03456031373 and we can get your family up to shoot in the diary.