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Family Photography in Ally Pally


Alexandra Palace Park photo shoot

I spent an amazing day recently in Ally Pally photographing this fantastic family and I’m thrilled to be sharing a sneak preview of our session here today.

We had a brilliant time together and the kids were fantastic fun, full of energy and exuberance and keen to climb trees and play games, all my favourite things to do.

Starting early to have the park to ourselves

I always love to start my photo shoots early and I was thrilled when the family were able to meet me at the park a little after 8am. While it’s always hard getting up when the alarm goes off it’s wonderful to be rewarded by happy energy filled children, empty parks, and a morning full of possibilities.

The boys were so inquisitive, asking questions about the cameras, weighing them to see how heavy they were and keen to pose for the camera. I love how kids want to know how everything works and it’s such a joy to see agile young minds exploring the world around them.

Hide and Seek

Playing games in the woods was such good fun and the boys were wonderful hiders – I love how kids embrace a game and find such wonderful spots. Whether it was low down behind a fallen tree, or up high in a tree, they kept the adults guessing and the laughter flowing as they had a joyful time together as a family.


I do love a playground and it was the perfect pitstop while the baby had a feed and before we headed back to the house.  The boys got a new lease of life when they zoomed down the slide and swung on the swings. They were both such daredevils and so confident and they flew headfirst down he slide laughing all the way.

Images in a playground have such a different vibe to pictures in the trees or out on the grassland and together they build up an amazing document of all the children’s favourite things to do.

Baby at home

We finished with a few shots of the baby back at home. By the end of the morning the boys were tired after all their running about and climbing and so we were able to spend the last minutes before her nap getting some shots of the little one rolling around on the bed by herself.

I love snuggly shots like this and what beautiful images to celebrate the fact she’s about to turn one, images that she can look back on in many years and see how tiny and cute she was as she approached this big milestone in her young life.

It was a pleasure from start to finish and I’m thrilled with the pictures.

Book your photo shoot now!

I hope you like what you have seen here today. If you would like to book your own photo shoot, then I have limited availability for the autumn (very limited at weekends) so get in touch sooner rather than later as I’d love to meet you and your family and create some pictures that will be full of memories for you and your children to treasure.