Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Family Photography in Balham


It was a very foggy morning for my family photography session in Balham and I love the fog. There’s a surreal beauty to a day where half the world is smothered in mystery and ,for a busy morning of photography on Balham common, it also had the advantage of providing a beautiful clean backdrop for images. There were no runners or dog walkers in the back of our shots, just a glorious mist making the images beautiful and timeless, like something from a fairy tale.

We had the most amazing time on our photo shoot. It was a morning full of energy and excitement, games and running around. We climbed trees, played football, ran around, ate snacks. We went to the playground and explored the woods. We played at home on the piano and jumped on the bed, we built lego and challenged each other to connect four. It was non-stop action and non-stop picture opportunities for this very happy photographer. I don’t know Balham well but what a wonderful place for photography and what a wonderful family to explore the area with.

At this time of year, I often mix indoor and outdoor pictures to get a really beautiful selection for my clients. It’s nice to be out and about in nature and with the scope and scale of the natural world to add visual interest to an image. I love pictures which have a sense of scale like this glorious shot of the family feeding the ducks. These sorts of images will transport the boys back to places they went to and activities they always enjoyed. I love the light outdoors, and the different places we can find and explore. Different seasons provide different types of images which really add to the unique nature of each and every family photography session.

I love indoor shots too though, pictures in the family home which include elements of interior design or favourite toys and activities. I find it can be good to head back towards the end of the morning when snacks are needed and a change of scene. At this time of year it’s a great opportunity to warm up too. It’s always such a fun challenge working indoors, using natural window light, and working with the toys and games the children enjoy, always looking for uninteresting composition or approach.

Individuality always shines through over the course of a photo shoot, and we see so much personality in the pictures. For me, it’s what the job is all about, meeting lovely people, having a fun time, and creating interesting and creative images which are unique and beautiful, and which will be enjoyed by the families in them for many years to come.

If this sounds like the approach for you then do get in touch, I’d love to photograph your family and I work all over London and the UK. Today though, do enjoy this lovely selection of images, a sneak preview from my recent family photography session in Balham.