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Family Photography in Belsize Park


North London family photography

I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful morning in Belsize Park recently photographing this lovely family.  It was our second family photo shoot and one I’d been really looking forward to, our first session was so much fun.

The dawn broke dry, bright, and really quite warm, which is always a joy in January. The early part of the year is great fun for family sessions as the parks and woods are quieter than in the summer and kids look so cute when bundled up in their coats.  We still have all the leaves on the ground to kick through too and everyone is nice and relaxed now the frantic pace of the run-up to Christmas is past.

Hampstead Heath family photos

We headed straight out to Hampstead Heath to start our family photo shoot when everyone was full of energy, and it was such great fun. We arrived at an area of the Hampstead Heath I’d not been to before – I love how our open spaces in London are so varied and even though I’ve been to Hampstead countless times there are still new corners to discover.

It was a wonderful spot with big open clearings surrounded by trees which is perfect for photography letting in lots of light but with lovely soft backgrounds for pictures.  There were also loads of tree trunks on the ground which were the perfect activity, balancing, climbing and utilising convenient spots to sit for a family photo.

Games and fun on a family photo shoot

As always, the best pictures are taken when everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves and we had a wonderful time playing games and running around. I love how fearless children are, climbing up things and jumping from great heights.

A trip to the playground in Golders Green Park

From here we headed across to Golders Green Park for a trip to the playground. Children love a playground and as a photographer I’ve always found they are a great spot for pictures. There are such interesting shapes and the joy on the children’s faces is always so lovely to see.

The Zoo and the sculpture

We walked home past the zoo where we saw a fantastic owl peering out at us from it’s enclosure. We also enjoyed the wonderful gazebo by Wendy Taylor which always feels like the perfect stage for the kids to play on.

Back home for a few last pictures before lunch

We finished our session back home for a few indoor pictures before lunch. Whatever the weather I like to mix up indoor and outdoor pictures as they have such different feels and the variety really adds to the final collection. We had a great time jumping on the bed and reading books, the perfect way to end a session.

This family photo shoot in Belsize Park was fantastic fun from start to finish and I’m already looking forward to our next family photo shoot and to documenting these wonderful children as they grow up.

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