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Relaxed and fun family photo shoot

I spent the most wonderful morning taking family photos in Chiswick and I’m thrilled to share some images today from a photo shoot that was filled with laughter.  Our shoot was booked very last minute, a serendipitous phone call just moments after a client had postponed due to chicken pox, meant we could book in for the following weekend and make the most of one of the most beautiful days we’ve had this November. Everything came together perfectly, and it was a delightful morning filled with the hilarious chaos that three children under five will always bring. I love shoots like this one, chaos and laughter and so much fun, the perfect day of family photography in Chiswick.

At home family photography in Chiswick

We started at home bright and early and I arrived to find pancakes being cooked and the children playing in the kitchen. Over a cup of coffee, I started taking pictures and I love the shots of the youngest member of the family exploring under the counter and practicing his standing using the bar stools, who needs a baby walker when you have kitchen furniture to hand! These little moments are always lovely to photograph, and I often take some of my favourite shots from a session before we’ve even really begun.

As we had a morning nap on the horizon, as soon as we had finished breakfast it was a quick face wipe and then upstairs to have a bit of a play on the parents’ bed. This can be a great way to start a session particularly if we have a limited opportunity before the youngest goes to sleep. This shot of everyone on the bed which starts the blog post is a real favourite, what absolute joy here, it’s just the kind of picture I love.

Taking pictures indoors

While we often spend time outside on family photo shoots – and I’ll get to that momentarily – it’s also nice to take pictures inside and in the family garden. These pictures can include so many little memories of everyday life whether it’s playing with Playmobil, eating toy ice-cream, or building a den out of cushions.  Shots of the little girl playing with her dad in the playhouse outside are some of my favourites from the session and the picture of the baby reading to his panda is pure delight, made all the better by the book being upside down, these little details make images so special.  On rainy days at this time of year we’re often inside for whole sessions and it can work so well, including so many elements of everyday life in pictures to treasure forever.

Outdoor pictures on our family photo shoot in Chiswick

On this photo shoot we were lucky enough to have amazing weather, and so when the little one woke up from their sleep we headed out and about for some pictures in the sunshine. When working with little ones it’s non-stop action fuelled by a lot of biscuits and it’s always so much fun.  We raced to the park (literally), a clear sense of competition made for hilarious and joy filled pictures.

Once there it was play all the way exploring log piles and the playground for a lovely selection of images. I love the shots of the family looking at ladybirds together, those natural family group shots that are such a joy to have.  I’m also thrilled with the shot of the kids together, laughing up at the antics of their parents. With three children under five it can be a challenge to get a lovely shot of everyone together, but this worked brilliantly. The little one could hold himself up on the balance log while his older siblings leant in and the beautiful backlight gives it a lovely autumnal feel.

Home after a job well done

By the end of the morning everyone was tired and hungry, and we headed home for lunch and naps. It was a brilliant day and I’m so pleased with such a lovely fun set of images. I can’t wait to share the full set with this wonderful family and see what they choose for their album and walls. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this sneak preview of a few favourite images from our family photography session in Chiswick. If you would like to book a session for your own family then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.