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Family Photography in Clapham


A Fun Filled Family Photo Shoot in Clapham in South West London

Today I’m thrilled to share a sneak preview of a recent family photography session in Clapham in South West London.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to Clapham, not least because of the Pandemic but over the years it’s been a regular stomping ground for me with my family photography business. I find that the geography of my work as a London family photographer goes in waves, I might do a lot of family photo shoots in Clapham, and then a lot in Kensington, then a lot in Hampstead, there’s always variety but I get little collections in one place too as people tell their friends about their experience and show them the photos.  It’s nice, I love the variety of my work and all the different places I get to visit and so I was thrilled to head back to Clapham for this family photo shoot, it was just as brilliant a location as I remembered.

We had an amazing morning in taking family photos in Clapham and it’s been hard to just choose a couple of images today for my sneak peek as there are so many favourites from such a brilliant day.

Lots of Different Activities on our Family Photo Shoot

As always with my family photo shoots, I let the children set the pace and choose the activities. It’s always nice when we make sure to include a lot of the children’s favourite things as these will be so full of memories even if they are, sometimes, slightly random (it’s the best thing about photographing kids, the sheer randomness of the chosen activities).  This little boy’s favourite thing was the hoover.  The big family hoover, or his collection of toy hoovers. I’ve met a number of children who love hoovers and clearly it’s common as you can buy a range of mini toy Dysons and Henrys at the toyshop.  I guess the appeal is doing the same thing as the grown-ups and also, if you are lucky, it makes a great noise too.  So, the hoover had to feature in our shoot and in my sneak peek.  I love the idea that when he’s older he’ll be able to enjoy these pictures and who knows, maybe he’ll be an engineer and invent the next generation of hoovers. That’s one of the big excitements of kids, you never know which toys will become the passion that they take into a career.

It wasn’t all hoovers though, there were other toys, and music, and books, and then a trip to beautiful Clapham Common which is such a lovely spot for family photos.  The bandstand is brilliant, and I love the wonderful curving path up to it, making it accessible for all. This is something which it would be nice to see emulated on some of the other London bandstands.  We went to the playground, which was brilliant, enjoyed the swings in the rain (a typical activity this summer) and also the incredible different musical toys which I’d not seen before. I like to think I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of London playgrounds but this was a new one for me.

All in all it was a fantastic morning and we were all tired and happy by the end, I certainly slept well on the Northern line home.


Book your Family Photo Shoot in Clapham

I hope you like these pictures, a sneak preview from my recent family photography session in Clapham.  I do still have a few slots available in August and two remaining in September if you would like to book your own family photography session this summer. Dates do book up fast, but I’ll fit you in if I can as I love photographing families and I’d love to meet and photograph yours.