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I recently spent a morning in Enfield taking photographs for an incredibly fun family. The shoot had been booked as a birthday present, a great opportunity to update the pictures on the wall and spend a day together, having fun, and making memories. The resulting images make a perfect gift for everyone – parents and children alike can enjoy them now and into the future.

I always particularly love the idea that the children will enjoy looking back on these images when they are grown, remembering what they used to do and the parks they used to play at. Seeing their skills with rugby and tennis which will, I’m sure, continue to develop, and to see the wonderful interaction they had together as brothers with friendship, and laughter, and a little healthy competition!

Planning a family photo shoot with older children

This summer I’ve photographed a lot of older children and they are such fun photo shoots to do as this set of images of family photography in Enfield will show. With older children the I like to include as many of their hobbies and interests as possible and to take a really lovely variety of images. I always make sure to take a couple of group shots as I think these are important to have, but most of the session we spend having fun, doing activities and enjoying time spent together as a family.

We often head out first thing – to avoid the crowds (and to avoid meeting any of the kid’s friends) and this means we can enjoy the morning light and empty parks without anyone feeling self-conscious. It’s lovely to go to a favourite place that has meaning to the family and so the local park in Enfield was the perfect spot for this set of family photographs, there were so many memories of things they had done as younger kids as well as the time they spend their now, playing tennis and rugby.

This Enfield park had some incredible locations for family photos too with a wonderful aqueduct and some great fallen trees which always provide good opportunities for group shots.

Games and Hobbies

When photographing games and hobbies I love to actually spend some time doing them, both to ensure the most creative images but also to get the real expressions. There’s nothing like the concentration on children’s faces as they get ready to hit a tennis ball or leap in the air to kick a rugby ball. Action shots are cool too, just the things a teenager will want to hang on the wall.

We played a fantastic game of tennis on this family photo shoot in Enfield, the boys (and their parents) showing some serious skills. It made me want to get back onto a court and I don’t think I’ve played tennis since university. I love how family photo shoots can inspire me, watching the next generation is always a joy.

Family pictures at home

We finished our family photo shoot in Enfield with some pictures back at the house. The boys were very keen to include their beloved cat in the photo shoot and so it was lovely to take some pictures as they played. Mixing up the different types of images results in a fantastic array of interesting and varied pictures to choose from and I know we’re going to have a wonderful album design and some fantastic options for the wall to choose from.

The boys were an absolute pleasure to photograph and such fun to spend time with. I loved their jokes and humour and their ready smiles for a portrait, the resulting images are filled with joy.

Book your family photo shoot for the autumn now

If you have liked what to have seen on the blog from this family photography session in Enfield, then do get in touch to book your session. I have some availability left on autumn weekends and half-term and I’d love to hear from you and create some wonderful pictures for your family to enjoy now, and for many years to come.