Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Family Photography in Fulham and Chiswick


A brilliant time photographing a family in West London

What a wonderful day I had photographing this delightful family in Fulham and Chiswick last weekend. This was our second shoot, and I was so excited to be seeing everyone again. We had the most incredible day together last December and I knew it was going to be another fun session.

Chiswick House family photography

We started the day with a trip to Chiswick House. Mindful of the weather forecast, and aware we were going to be on a race against time, we got there nice and early and were rewarded with some lovely soft light for the beginning of our session.

We were also rewarded with the fantastic café when a second breakfast was required and our little one tucked into a full English while I feasted on a croissant.

It wasn’t long before the rain begun though and so we walked (quickly!) back to the car trying not to get too wet but pleased we had made the most of the sunshine first thing in the morning. Even if the clocks had gone back, and I’d had to set my alarm clock for 5am, it was worth it for that early morning sunshine.

The magic of imagination

As the rain poured down outside, we had a lovely time indoors.  Photographing people doing their favourite things with their favourite people – children and parents together – it’s a joy to behold and a real privilege to document with my photographs.

One of the things I enjoy most when photographing little ones is seeing how incredible their imagination is – how games are played, and toys are engaged with and how parents are imitated as the little ones learn. This photograph of mother and daughter engaged in a phone conversation is hilarious, one real phone, one toy phone and the most delightful interaction.

I also loved seeing the cuddly toys getting their annual health check, important to see that Rabbit’s heartbeat was nice and steady and Elephant had nice clean ears.  I wonder, maybe she’ll be a doctor, or a vet and these pictures will have an extra element of joy to look back on.

Music as part of our family photography session

Creative activities are a big part of this family’s life and on both our shoots we’ve enjoyed some time doing drawing and painting. I love to see how joyfully creative little ones are, exuberant experimentation and the fun of laying down marks on paper, I think they have a lot to teach us adults, or we adults have a lot to remember, about the joy of creating we knew when we were young.

Music was a big thing this year, from dancing to playing and I think these shots with the guitar and piano are adorable. I’m looking forward to watching the family band develop its songs over the years.

Family Photographs in South Park Parsons Green

When the rain stopped, we headed out for a second time, to South Park in nearby Parsons Green. It’s a lovely little park with a particularly good playground and we had a brilliant time playing on the roundabout and the swings.

Splashing in puddles on our way and, accessorising with a Halloween bucket as a hat, the walk gave us some lovely opportunities for family photography in Fulham and Parsons Green.

There was a path with incredible light too which caught my eye and which gave us the gift of the last shot posted here today, the magic of autumn light and one of those pictures that encapsulates childhood adventure. I hope you love it as much as I do.