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Family Photography in Golders Hill Park


North London family photo shoot in Golders Hill Park and Hampstead Heath

My third north London family photo shoot which this fantastic family and we visited Golders Hills park to take portraits of the children and relaxed family photos

On our last session, in 2021, we had had a rainy morning but it was still one of my favourite sessions of the year and so I was really looking forward to seeing everyone again and catching up with the family news while taking photographs.

I was greeted on arrival by two giggling girls in beautiful dresses, happily chuckling as they played on the sofa while I drank a much needed cup of coffee (it’s been a busy summer so far with family photo shoots coming thick and fast, thank goodness for caffeine). I took a few shots before we headed out to the park.

Family Photography on Hampstead Heath Pergola

Arriving at Hampstead heath car park we were the first people there, a definite bonus of the early starts I prefer for my family photo shoots. We headed straight for Hampstead Heath Pergola knowing it would be deserted at 8am on a Sunday morning and a great location for some family photos

Some pictures, a game of hide and seek, and a rather wonderful dance show later we decided to head towards Golders Hill Park. It was still early, and the girls were keen to visit the playground.

Golders Hill Park for family photos

I love a playground as part of a family photo shoot. The kids are always so happy to play and enjoy themselves and any self-consciousness melts away as we get to photograph the kids exploring and testing their limits. Playgrounds are also an interesting place to show progression on regular family photo shoots. Baby swings progress to big swings and then kids learn to swing themselves. Growing confidence and abilities, all these things are really interesting to record in creative family photos that everyone can enjoy.

Wendy Taylor's 'Gazebo'

An all-important ice cream break gave us all an extra dose of energy and we moved on from climbing frames to climbing trees, I loved how the kids had their favourite trees they like to play on and the stunning sculpture ‘Gazebo’ by Wendy Taylor, which made a great spot for a bit of dancing and some lovely relaxed family photos.

Golders Hill Park zoo

We finished our shoot by visiting the animals which was a lot of fun. It’s amazing what we can pack into a morning’s photo shoot when we start early and take a relaxed approach to our day, activities flow from one thing to another as games and activities move around ensuring that everyone stays interested and engaged while having a brilliant time along the way.

I love active sessions like this one and am already looking forward to whatever next year’s session will bring. It’s so fun to spend time together and incorporate our adventures into family photographs to treasure.

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