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Welcome to the blog, I’m Helen, a baby and family photographer in North London and today I’m sharing a sneak preview of a wonderful session of family photography in Hackney.  This was my second photo shoot with this family and it was a brilliant one from start to finish.

Regular family photo shoots in North London

We first met last year as we came out of lockdown and had a wonderful morning taking baby photographs in London Fields.  This year, we went to the family’s stunning new home and the incredible Victoria Park in Hackney, one of my favourite places for family photography.

I knew we were going to have a great time as our last session had been such fun and when photographing families regularly the sessions always get better and better over time. With regular family photo shoots everyone knows what to expect, the families get really relaxed with my presence, and children start to remember me and look forward to the adventures we will have together.

This session was just brilliant, so relaxed and filled with so much laughter as well as some fantastic opportunities for wonderful pictures.

What we did on our family photography session in Hackney

Starting over breakfast as I’m never one to miss an opportunity we then moved around the house, taking some pictures in the little one’s bedroom as we selected an outfit and got ready to go out. These little moments often lead to wondaful pictures and even the transitions of going from one room to another can lead to beautiful images – climbing stairs is such a big thing for a toddler, by next year she will be running up and down on her own. I like to record as many of the little things as possible, they will all be infused with memories further down the years.

We headed out to take some family photographs in Victoria Park in Hackney as soon as we were dressed and ready, we wanted to make the most of the morning light and also get to the park before the crowds. We were rewarded for our efforts with an empty playground which was perfect for the first part of our photo shoot.

Different locations to add variety

Then it was off to explore the park, finding beautiful areas to stop and play as well as incorporating the iconic areas of Victoria Park into our family photographs. I always try to find different viewpoints on each and every photo shoot and it’s one of the fun things about working in so many different places. Unique images for unique families, that’s what it’s all about.

After the park we headed home for a bit of time in the playroom and then, tired and happy, we finished with a story before bedtime for the little one, lunch for the parents, and a nap on the bus home for me. What a perfect day.

Choose me as your Hackney family photographer

I hope you enjoy seeing this sneak preview of images from my family photography in Hackney. If you would like to arrange a family photo shoot in Victoria Park or elsewhere in London (or around the UK), then do get in touch via the contact form, I’d love to hear from you and put a photo shoot for your family in the diary.