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Family Photography in Harrow


My second photo shoot with this wonderful family

All my photo shoots are a joy but it’s a special feeling to be invited back and so I was thrilled when Annie contacted me to arrange a second photo shoot, a year on from our last one, to document her son as he grows up.

We had the most wonderful time on our previous session, a real joy from start to finish and a shoot that has remained a favourite ever since.  I knew I’d have a wonderful time going back.

Getting to know the families I photograph

As I return to my clients year on year I get to know them better and this makes sessions even more fun. We are all relaxed, everyone knows what to expect, and I will have an idea of options in terms of light and location. I was thrilled to be visiting Annie’s beautiful flat again, it’s such a lovely space with beautiful window light making it perfect for portraits.

Heading to the playground

Starting early, we headed out to a local playground first thing. I like to get out and about early so we have the parks to ourselves and can take pictures on all the play equipment without any other people in the backgrounds.

We had a wonderful time.  Mainly we enjoyed spinning thing; spinning the roundabout around, spinning the balls on the giant abacus, and Annie’s mother got involved too, look at their delighted faces as they spun the play equipment. I love seeing games across generations and seeing the bond these two have is such a joy, absolute love and adoration.

Back home for a snack and a nap

Heading home for a snack and a nap we played indoors some more and explored the balcony which made for a really interesting selection of images from reflections to portraits to wider shots to make use of the wonderful lines and shapes.

We then had some lunch and I think these pictures are some of my favourites from the day – noodles are the perfect finger food and the shot that starts this blog post has gone straight into my all-time favourite folder.

Family Photos on Harrow Hill

We finished our photo shoot with a quick trip to Harrow’s famous hill for a few more outdoor images. I like to mix up different locations over the course of a morning to create real variety in our work and I love to take as many interesting pictures as I can for my clients.

What a pleasure to spend the morning with such lovely people and I hope you will enjoy this sneak preview of images that I have shared.

If you have liked what you have seen here today then drop me a line via the contact form or give me a call on 0345 603 1373 and we can plan the perfect photo shoot for your family. Autumn is a fantastic season for pictures but it does book up fast so don’t delay, I look forward to hearing from you.