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Family photography in Hertfordshire


Carol-Anne’s family photo shoot in Hertfordshire will always be, to me, the shoot where I photographed a boy with a mouse on his head. After all, that doesn’t happen every day!

Carol-Anne and I first met for her daughter Annabelle’s newborn photography session back in 2011 and it was wonderful to go back to visit again and to meet the rest of the family. Our last session had just feature mother and daughter, and I was keen to meet Carol-Anne’s four other children (with five siblings, it must be the most fun house to grow up in, ever!). More children always results in greater levels of chaos and lots more noise, and I love the unpredictable nature of such shoots – you really never know what will happen next as children disappear and reappear (sometimes on mini motorbikes, no less).

We had such a great morning. We started with a few family group shots before Carol-Anne’s husband had to leave for work and then we let chaos reign, taking individual portraits, pictures of the children together as a group, and also interacting with one another through a varitety of different games and activities. Carol-Anne has an amazing garden at her beautiful Hertfordshire home and we found so much to do from trampolining to tree climbing, from go-karts to doughnut fencing (are those foam pool floats really called doughnuts or is it just my neice who calls them that?).

It was great fun outdoors and lovely to let the children run around, and then head indoors when we got cold – I can’t believe it is June, the weather still seems to have a chill to it so much of the time.

We played indoors too with the children introducing me to the joys of Minecraft and to their new pet mouse – the wonderfully named ‘Thunder!’ I had mice as a child and think they are such a fun pet, although I never managed to get mine to sit on my head! I’m still in awe.

I hope you enjoy this selection of pictures from our fabulous fun-filled children and family photo shoot in Hertfordshire.

If you would like me to visit to capture some pictures of your own family, please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you.

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