Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Family photography in Ladbroke Grove, London


There are some days when I go to a new place – someone’s home, or a park – and find a location that makes me say ‘WOW’. This was the case on my family photo shoot with Toni and Casper, and their beautiful family.

It was raining when we left their home in Ladbroke Grove, but we braved the weather and headed to the nearby park. Once there we followed a path into a wooded area and were rewarded by the most amazing trees I think I have ever seen. They put me in mind of a Thomas Hardy quote from The Mayor of Casterbridge, ‘writhing in vegetable agony’ (a quote I have always rather liked) and seemed a perfect place for some fun family pictures.

We had a wonderful time and headed out onto the common when the weather improved, before heading home to warm up, drink hot chocolate and take a picture of the three children on the same chair that Toni had been photographed when she was a little girl.

What a perfect morning.

A great scooter picture!

And finally, some pictures taken on the same chair which Toni had been photographed on when she was a child. I love maintaining these family traditions in my pictures, creating links with cherished family pictures from the past.

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