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Family Photography in Wandsworth


A wonderful moment of sibling interaction

I’ve always been drawn to photographs that show the interaction between siblings and, when a picture is as joyous as this one, I feel I have done my job well.  I spent a wonderful morning of family photography in Wandsworth recently, photographing Neeshe and her family. This is one of my favourite shots from the day.

I love photographing every age of children but five and three is particularly delightful.  The children are old enough to play games and chat and yet still totally natural in front of the camera.  We had such a brilliant time and it’s been really difficult to narrow down to a single image for my sneak preview.

As is typical for my family photo shoots we did part of the session outdoors and part at home.  I find that mixing up the locations means that we have a really lovely variety of images to choose from.  It also keeps the momentum on the day ensuring that the children don’t get bored and we can take pictures that record lots of their favourite things.

We took photographs while the family enjoyed so many different activities from football on Wandsworth Common and playing in the playground to exploring the woods and hiding among the leaves.  We did dressing-up and jumping on the bed.  Each activity giving us different images, capturing different moods and together building a really lovely record of the children at this age.

This shot was from our last activity, a wonderful big bubble bath.  I love how children enjoy splashing about, playing with the bubbles and laughing together and this picture pulls it all together.  The children’s expressions are priceless – that wonderful grin on Ethan’s face as he reaches out to add some bubbles to his sister’s face and her expression, pure joy as she laughs with him.  I love the connection of their arms the laughter holding them together in this wonderful moment.

Pictures like this are the reason I became a family photographer; images that capture the bonds between family members in beautifully composed natural moments. Images that will make the family laugh now and in years to come and will be passed down the generations with a story and a smile.

I hope you like this as much as I do, today’s Just One from recent family photography in Wandsworth.