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Family Photography in Kensington Garden Square


Today on the blog a lovely autumnal family photo shoot in Kensington. This is the fifth year I have been lucky enough to photograph Emma and her beautiful family and it’s been such a pleasure getting to know them and watching the girls grow up. They are such great fun and we always have such a lovely time on our annual photo shoot.

This year we spent the morning in the local garden square – I love these squares in West London, they provide such fabulous locations for family photography and I believe this one is one of the best as there is so much to do; it’s the size of a small park!

We had a great morning and I’m always pleased with the number of little games and activities we can pack into a photo shoot even if it’s all in the same general location. We have football playing and gate swinging, hobbyhorse riding and playground fun, hide and seek and swings the list goes on.

I love the imagination of small children and how seriously they take things – you can’t just ride a hobbyhorse, you need to be mindful of it’s welfare too and make sure it’s regularly fed so it can win the race. It’s so incredibly cute watching a little one feeding grass to their toy; the power of imagination is a wonderful thing.

As always in a playground I look for a different angle and one of my favourite images from the shoot is the picture taken from the vantage point of the climbing tower of the family playing on the swings. I love the frame provided by the pointed roof and how that focuses the attention on the subject of my shot. I love the detail of the hobby horse ‘Sparkles’ waiting patiently propped against the wooden swing stand, it really makes me smile. I love finding different angles like this and always strive on each and every photo shoot to ensure that I take the very best pictures and and find the most interesting compositions for my clients.

We had a fantastic time and I’m thrilled with the pictures, I hope you enjoy them too. Do get in touch if you would like to arrange your own photo shoot for the coming year, it would be lovely to hear from you.

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