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Family photography in Kensington and Holland Park, West London


Today on the blog we have a wonderful set of children and family photographs taken on location in Holland Park, West London W11. I have been lucky enough to photograph Marina and her family for a number of years now, having first photographed twins Isaac and Jeremiah when they were only a few days old (and you can see a selection of these pictures from our newborn and family photo shoot here). It’s always such a pleasure to see the family again – either at home in their stunning Kensington apartment, or out and about in one of the wonderful parks that West London has to offer such as Holland Park, Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park. We’ve always had a wonderful time and each shoot has resulted in a set of beautiful family photographs, as well as portraits of the children that will be treasured as they grow up.

This session was fantastic from start to finish – the boys were on great form as we walked to the park, explored and played games – it was a laugh a minute as the boys giggled to themselves and enjoyed chasing their parents around. I love how all the old games are still the favourites among children, and games such as ‘tag’ and ‘it’ provide such wonderful opportunities for pictures as the children scream in delight at being chased by their parents and then, in turn, chasing them and catching mum and dad in massive, joyful cuddles. It’s a joy to witness and a joy to photograph, and I love family photography that encapsulates all these feelings of joy and happiness as families enjoy themselves playing the games they always play at the parks they always go to. These images will be so precious to the boys as they will be filled with such happy memories.

Holland Park is a fantastic location for family portrait photography, as it is a really lovely park with so much variety and many places to explore. Each day is different as the light will change and as always, photo shoots work around other park users to ensure we don’t disrupt anyone else’s day. I love finding the quiet corners and tree-lined avenues, always up bright and early to have the park to ourselves. It makes such a great location for children and family photographs in this beautiful area of Kensington.

I’m not sure I could pick a favourite image from this photo shoot, as there are so many I love. Perhaps it would be playing hide and seek among the flowers, or climbing the trees; it might be the lovely family group shot under the arch of deep green foliage, a perfect frame for such an image; or it might just be the beautiful quiet and touching shot of Grandpa kissing his grandson’s hand better after a fall playing football. It’s a quiet image that might not immediately catch your eye, but it’s a moment that is so touching that it will stay with me and make me smile whenever I think of it. An image of family and love through the generations, what more could we ask for?

I do hope you like this selection of children’s and family portrait photographs from Holland Park in Kensington, West London. We still have a few dates available during the May half-term holiday, so do contact us if you would like to arrange your own family photography session – we’d love to hear from you.

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