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Family Photography on the London Eye


London Eye and the Southbank for Family Photos

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph these wonderful girls for ten years now and our annual sessions are always a highpoint of my year.  Our photo shoots are always great fun and it’s been a delight watching the girls grow up, they are such brilliant company; funny, kind, and intelligent.  For this year’s photo shoot, we combined pictures at home with a trip on the London Eye, a first for me on a family photo shoot and such good fun.

When I’m choosing images for these sneak previews of my family photo shoots, I try to select pictures which will sum up our day – so I had to include one from our family photo shoot on the London Eye, but also a couple of others which really capture the children’s personalities.  I also wanted to include one with the cat, who is amazingly photogenic and always likes to join our photo shoots while we are at home.  I think this is my favourite pictures with her so far and isn’t it a wonderful moment? nose to nose, we can see how much they love each other.

I’m always drawn to reflections, and I think using the edge of the roof terrace as part of the composition really adds to the image. Interestingly two out of three of my images here show strong symmetry as the London Eye photograph also benefits from a careful central composition.  I love the way the boats echo each other in the lower portion of the image and that their movement reminds us of the ever-changing nature of the Thames as well as it’s great history as a centre of commerce and activity.

My final image on the carousel makes me smile every time I look at it, I love the expression of pure joy as the horses whizz round at high speed while I take pictures with a slow shutter speed to emphasise the movement and excitement of the ride, it’s such a fun picture and the carousel on the Southbank is such a landmark, it was great fun to include it in our London eye family photo shoot

I hope you like these images, a sneak preview from my recent family photo shoot on the London Eye and the Southbank in London, to find out more about my Family Photography do explore my website, I hope you like what you see.