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Family Photography in Queens Park, North London


I first met Lauren early in the summer when she booked me to take some headshots in and around Primrose Hill. Lauren publishes children’s books and required images for publicity purposes. We had a wonderful morning taking pictures and chatting. While chatting, we got to talking about my children and family photography.

Lauren loved the idea of a family photo shoot and, by the end of the day, had planned an autumn Children and Family session for her and her two children.

The day came and it was lovely. A cold, crisp morning with incredible autumn light. Keen that we should get out and about while the park was still empty, we had an early start. We had chosen Queen’s Park NW6 as our location as this is close to Lauren’s new home and is a real favourite with the children. It seemed to me the family knew everyone at the park – certainly more than one invitation to breakfast had to be turned down because we were taking photographs.

Lauren’s husband and mother-in-law joined the party and we had a great time entertaining the children. It is clear that they have a really lovely relationship with their granny. We played games and ran around. We even sailed on the pirate seas! Johnny, 4, was not, it seemed, to be parted from his hook and his sword at any point during the session!

The children were such fun and we had a lovely time. Queens Park is a great spot for family photography. Although a relatively small park, it has a variety of interesting features, from lovely old tree trunks ideal for climbing to a brilliant adventure-style playground, complete with a great zip wire. The fact that there was so much on offer was perfect as I love to move around when on my family photography sessions. This keeps the children interested and adds to the fun. What is more, it allows me to create different types of pictures with their own unique mood.

I’m thrilled with the pictures from this children and family portrait photography session in Queens Park and I hope you will enjoy looking at them. Do get in touch if you would like to book your own family photography session in Queens Park NW6.

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