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More family photography in Tunbridge Wells, Kent


I had the most wonderful time visiting Tom and Amanda at their home in Tunbridge Wells in Kent to update their family photographs. As a photographer specialising in children and family pictures, it is one of the real pleasures of my job to visit families again and again, to see the children grow and become such fun and interesting little people. This was my fourth photo shoot with Tom and Amanda, so, as you can imagine, I was really looking forward to seeing them all again.

On arrival I was greeted with three grinning faces from the boys and I knew I’d be in for a really fun morning. As usual, I started the morning with some family shots and pictures of the boys together. I like to capture some family pictures straight away as working with children is so unpredictable and I never know when the little ones will get tired. I love the family shots in particular – Tom and Amanda so proud of their growing family, and the boys so bright eyed and full of personality.

Then it was straight into games – hide and seek was a particular favorite in Tom and Amanda’s incredible Tunbridge Wells garden, separated over a number of levels and just perfect for children and family photography. We ran, we hid, we chased. It was such good fun and such a lovely way to spend the morning. I love how pictures like these will bring back so many memories of just playing in the garden as a family, nothing particular, just playing favourite games and the joy on the children’s faces as they spend time together and with their parents. It’s such a lovely thing to capture in family photographs.

Then we got down to den building – the subject of Tom and Amanda’s recent ‘Just One ‘ preview post. With a bit of imagination, we transformed a corner of the garden into an incredible den with a roof, floor and even a large wooden door. It was absolutely brilliant and such a lovely spot for some more shots of the boys together, laughing and having fun, perfect for photographic portraits.

After a mid-morning snack, we thought a change of scene would be fun and with the plan of collecting more wood for the den, we headed out for a stroll in the local woods. As regular readers know, I love photographing children and families in woodland as there is so much to do, games to play, things to find and look at – all the fun of a children’s playground, but so much nicer to look at as the children run, climb, jump and enjoy themselves .

We had a wonderful time and I think having the two different locations for our children and family photography in Tunbridge Wells in Kent TN4 gives a really lovely variety to the pictures which I’m sure Tom and Amanda will treasure for years to come. I hope you like them.

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