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Family photography with four children in Greenwich


On the blog today a selection of wonderful family photographs from a recent shoot in Blackheath and Greenwich Park. I think Stiina’s shoot has all my favourite things – my favourite park in all the world, walking distance from my childhood home in Blackheath (and so an opportunity to eat pizza with mum the night before) and a big family, four children, a level of chaos that I always relish.

We had a wonderful time on our photo shoot. The children were such fun, each with their own different personalities, which makes it a really rich experience for me. From discussions about books with Ida Grace to watching Aino show off her prodigious climbing skills to the twins, they were all so funny and interesting. I love that about children; they are all unique and that’s makes my job so rewarding.

We started off with a few pictures of the children together (you never know on a photo shoot how the morning will progress and l love to get something under my belt straight away). Then we were off, straight into a game of hide and seek, the twins laughing and giggling as they hid from their parents and elder siblings.

With scooters, we made quick progress around Greenwich Park as I took family photographs and portraits of the children, both individually and interacting together, having fun as siblings do. The flower garden gave us the chance for some tree climbing and I took some of my favourite family shots there, with the stunning trees, incredible light and fabulous branches, all perfect for composing family portraits. The children had a great time playing with their parents and snacking on water biscuits to keep their energy up.

From there we went to the bandstand for a run around. Bandstands are an endless source of fun. As an adult the attraction isn’t always obvious, but for children I think it’s endless, the steps and the gate, always fun, you can shut people in and let people out, the wrought iron around the side is just the right height for a little one to lean over or look through and for an older child to climb around the edge. And it isn’t too big a drop; I certainly fell off more than once as a child. The bandstand itself has a lovely surface, always dry and perfect for scooting and lying down. Ideal for a rest and a snack. Then, you can run round and round the outside, a game that never tires. There are so many opportunities for enjoyment and I love that spending time with children means I don’t forget these things. The attraction of the bandstand is never lost on me.

By this time, everyone was tired and hungry. We’d spent a wonderful four hours at Greenwich Park and I had a spectacular set of children and family photographs capturing all the fun of our morning together, as well as all the different personalities making up this lovely family. It was time to call it a day and head home to Blackheath. I’d had a brilliant morning, and I hope you will enjoy looking at this selection of children and family photographs from Blackheath and Greenwich as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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