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Family Photography with London Landmarks


Benjamin contacted me to arrange a family photo shoot when he visited London with his two sons. They had a busy schedule planned for their trip but were excited to fit in a morning of photography around London’s most iconic sights and landmarks.

This area of family photography is becoming increasingly popular as families visiting London on vacation book photo shoots to document their trips.

Using my usual blend of relaxed and fun family pictures with my strong visual style and compositional skills we ended up with the most wonderful collection of images. We have brilliant pictures taken in front of some of London’s best known landmarks – Big Ben, Nelsons Column, to name a few as well as really lovely portraits of the family in the wonderful greenery of St James Park.

Benjamin was also very keen to have some pictures that featured a London telephone box and it was fun for me to think of interesting ways to photograph the boys in these iconic red phone boxes. Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott these are also a familiar sight in Malta, Bermuda and Gibraltar (you learn something new every day!)

Both Benjamin, and I, are so pleased with the shot of everyone leaning out, the angles and lines make for a really graphic image.

We had such a great time and I loved introducing the family to my home city, as a Londoner born and bred it’s always a real pleasure to take people around this incredible city. It’s also a wonderful way for me to really appreciate the architecture around me, as is so often the case when you live somewhere amazing, it becomes second nature to walk past Big Ben, or beneath the London Eye. I sometimes forget just how lucky I am to live here and it’s only in showing the city to others that I remember to look at it with fresh eyes.

It was a fantastic morning and I’m so thrilled with the pictures. If you are visiting London this summer and would like to arrange a photo shoot while you are in town then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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