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Family Photography with Teenagers in Wandsworth


Photographing Teenagers in South West London

This summer has seen me photograph a lot of teenagers which is something that I always really enjoy. When I first started out, back in 2003, most of the children I photographed were pre-school. As time has gone by, and the children who I first met as newborns have continued their annual photo shoots, I’ve been photographing more and more teenagers. Now I’m well known for my natural style portraits of teenagers and it’s a part of my business that continues to grow and grow. So, I was thrilled when I was booked to photograph this family in South West London with three teenage children, I knew it would be a lot of fun.

Action shots make for great portraits of teenagers

Chatting on the phone before the session I got a great feel for the family and what they were looking for from their session. A combination of portraits, family shots and the kind of action shots that I really enjoy especially as the children’s favourite activities – football, dance and gymnastics are the kinds of things that make for fantastic photographs.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I love to photograph action and I’m always looking for new angles and approaches within my photography. Inspired by some of the fantastic sports photographers who I have met through my position as a Canon Ambassador I love to try out new techniques and this fantastic photo shoot was a wonderful opportunity to try some new things.

Photographing in places that are important - a wonderful way to preserve memories

It was one of those sessions that was great fun from start to finish. The children were wonderful – interesting and articulate and such fun to chat to. I loved hearing about their lives and their interests as we went on a walk around a local park behind the house where they had spent a lot of time as children. When kids are tiny then the trip to the park is a constant entertainment, but with teens with busy lives it’s less frequent to get together and walk the old well-trodden paths. As they showed me around, we kept finding places they used to play.

We climbed the trees they used to climb and went into the den where they used to play – the first time they had been in there in years and a tight squeeze for a photographer laden with cameras, but worth it for some beautiful light.

Rediscovering these places clearly bought back so many fun memories and I love the fact that now we have these pictures then those memories might be thought of more often in the future, that’s the wonderful power of photography.

Taking individual portraits and shots of everyone together we had a lovely walk and then as the morning progressed, we headed home for a snack and an outfit change before the second half of the shoot.

Including teenagers’ hobbies in the photo shoot

I love to start my family photography sessions with teenagers with a walk and then use the second half of the session to explore their hobbies and interests and I couldn’t have been happier on this shoot to be shooting such accomplished athletes – stunning dance moves, incredibly gymnastics and some brilliant ball skills were all a joy to photograph and have created such a wonderful selection of interesting and unique images for everyone to enjoy.

Book your family photo shoot with teenagers in West London

I’m sharing a few photographs from this family photography session with teenagers in West London as I finish processing the rest, I hope you will all enjoy them and see the type and variety of images you can expect from a session with me. If you would like to book your own family photo shoot, for your teenagers or your children of any age, then do get in touch. The autumn is getting busy now so drop me a line soon to avoid disappointment, I look forward to hearing from you.