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London Landmarks Take Centre Stage in Family Photo Shoot


On the blog today I’m happy to share images from a trip around some of London’s most famous landmarks and iconic buildings in this wonderful urban London photo shoot. Charlotte had contacted me to arrange a photo shoot and was looking for something with an urban feel, something that really captured the spirit of London as a city. I was thrilled to oblige and suggested that we base our family photo shoot around London’s iconic Southbank. This idea was eagerly approved as the Southbank is an area the family loves to visit.

Meeting very early in the morning to have the area to ourselves we started with a walk over the Millennium Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral. The city was deserted at such an early hour on a weekend morning and we were lucky enough to be able to take some pictures on the steps of the church. The West Front is amazing and the tiled floors make for such dramatic pictures, the shots of Emily dancing are among my all time favorites.

Before we left the City we headed to Paternoster Square and Bishops Court where the amazing Angel’s Wings sculpture by Thomas Heatherwick resulted in some wonderful pictures. It’s amazing that it’s actually a cooling vent, probably the coolest cooling vent ever! Even more fun for the girls was a table tennis table that had just been set up in the middle of the square, a lucky find and a quick game set us up for the next bit of the shoot.

We then headed back over the bridge to have some playtime around the Tate Modern. I always like to mix my photo shoots up and make sure there is plenty of time for the children to play and run around. Any photo shoot that requires too much posing can easily get boring and so ensuring there is plenty of fun to be had always results in the best pictures.

The girls were full of energy and so acrobatic, climbing on their dad’s shoulders. However it was the girl’s trick of balancing on their parents feet which resulted in one of my favourite pictures of the whole session, Bella in perfect pose below Tate Modern, it’s a perfect shot, writing this I’m still so very pleased with it, it’s an all time favourite.

From there we walked along to the area outside the Festival hall, still early in the morning the skateboarders were yet to get out of bed and the girls loved ‘looking cool’ in the graffiti covered skate park.

It was a brilliant day, encompassing some of London’s best-loved sights and iconic buildings in a wonderful, relaxed and fun family photo shoot. If you like what you see and would be interested in arranging a photo shoot for your family this summer then do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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