Helen Bartlett / Family Portraiture

Family Portrait Photographer Guildford


Photographing this family in Guildford was, without a doubt, one of the most fun mornings I’ve ever spent. We had such a brilliant time.

This family photo shoot is from a little while back now when I was testing a pre-production model of a new camera – the Canon 1DX mark 2 for Canon UK, the idea being that I would test the camera on a few live shoots and then feedback any thoughts to Canon – an incredible privilege for me as a photographer.

It was great to put the camera through it’s paces with such a lively photo shoot, seeing the incredible low light performance and the phenomenal autofocus which is so important to me as a children’s portrait photographer. I often feel that wildlife, sport and children are three things that really need exceptional speed from our equipment.

The girls were really into the whole project and happy to run around and jump about – how often are you specifically asked to jump on a bed and hide under the covers – but it was perfect for testing the cameras.

And then we went outside for some pictures in the nearby woodland – I wanted to see how the camera would react in different types of environments that I usually find myself in – outdoors and indoors.

I really love how, in the course of a family photography session, if the photographer allows scenes to play themselves out and works in a documentary fashion we get such a true sense of children’s personalities. Having the family sit on a log for a photograph is one thing but then waiting to see what happens and getting this hilarious series as the youngest child takes charge is something else and results in such great images that mean so much to the family.

It was a brilliant morning and I’m thrilled with the results. I hope you enjoy looking at them, this selection of portrait photographs from a family photo session in Guildford.

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